Let us HACK you

After you make the payment, send us your order number from your company's domain extension e-mail. So let's start the test


DDOS Test Attacking

In this section, scans are made to detect open port amd attacks.


Penetration Test

- Testing the protection capabilities of protection systems such as WAF, IPS, Firewall against attacks

- NFS/SMB/RPC sharing and controlling services

- System checks with SNMP queries

- Controls of services that are open to the Internet, Infiltration processes are carried out for web security via Mail, DNS, Web, FTP


General Scan & Backdoor Controls

- In this section, scans are made to detect open port and service information.

- Test of Firewall structure with DDOS

- A report will be sent to you after the test processes about the system are completed.


    Even if you have cloudflare configured, you are still at 70% risk


    An incorrectly configured firewall will not protect you!


    A weak and incorrectly configured server is vulnerable to attacks.

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